17211 DER ADLER ENGLISH issue No. 7-1942 April

Der Adler Luftwaffe


17211 DER ADLER ENGLISH issue No. 7-1942 April 32 pages, Africa front, fleet spotter, Blue Division Spain at Eastern Front, Feodosa, Australia, Knight's Cross, "Luftwaffe magazine, published under the auspices of the German Air Ministry Der Adler was a German Luftwaffe magazine, published from March 1939 through September 1944. It was also available in Italian, French, Spanish and English, also for other European countries in a German version. All issue for foreign countries contained additional pages as the same German homeland issue. The English version was published from No. 14-1940 through No. 17-1944. From No. 14-1940 to No. 25-1940 the bi-lingual (German/English) issue was available in Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, USA From No. 26-1940 on the magazine was just English. " , very good used condition

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DER ADLER was an illustrated bi-weekly German magazine about the Luftwaffe.

The German edition was printed from March 1939 to September 1944 (last issue No. 19-1944) 

There existed different editions in foreign languages.

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Symbols were photoshoped due to the German Penalty Code.